The Studio

The studio, which plays a central role in our day-today professional life, serves several functions. First of all, it is the meeting-place between materials and creators – architects, designers and artists. It is a place for testing and experiencing ideas, for dialogue and for the transfer of information to users. Our materials provide the base and the starting-point for every design project. Because they are so different and so interesting, it is important to present them in a suitable manner that will express not only their beauty but also, and primarily, the manner of their application.

In our studio, we present both the aesthetic aspects and the technical details and we provide the professionals with the tools they need for their work. In this unique place, which is located on our corporate premises in Ramat Gan, you can find an impressive display of all the materials, all the printed data and all the advertising matter relevant for your project. Should you need samples of our materials, we are happy to oblige.

We are also happy to provide you with all the technical support you require at every stage of your project. We regard the designers, architects and artists involved in our clients’ projects as our partners in Barkai Systems’ work and in the development of its architectural materials. The ongoing dialogue with these partners is vital because it contributes to the growth of this fascinating field.