Country of origin: Sweden
Three-dimensional acoustic panels made of rigid recyclable textile materials. Each square panel measures 585 X 585 mm. and has angular edges that make it suitable for installation on a straight or curved wall. In addition to their use as an acoustic element, the panels are breathtakingly beautiful and they significantly contribute to the overall design of any room. Various patterns and shades can be mixed to create the “perfect wall.” The panels are offered in a three basic shades – broken white, concrete gray and dark gray – and most of these basic shades can be ordered in sixty different tones. The installation of the panels is very easy and does not require special tools or adhesive materials. The material of which the panels are made has acoustic features that have been checked by well-known European institutes. In addition to acoustic products, the OFFECCT company offers a line of high-quality furniture designed by famous young artists and designers from all over the world and which is available in a variety of finishes. Offecct furniture items are ideal for  hotels, office and apartment building lobbies, restaurants and private homes.


  • Wall coverings
  • Incorporation in partitions and workstations